San Diego Artificial Grass

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More and more homeowners in and around San Diego County are switching to artificial grass. With the advances in toxic lead-free products and the desire to conserve water and money; artificial grass may be the best option for your landscape.Save Money

The cost of installing artificial grass is significantly higher than re-seedings or sodding a dead lawn; however, in the long run you will find yourself cutting back on your monthly expenses for years to come. Lawns require copious amounts of water to thrive. A small 10×10 lawn requires at least 62 gallons per week to stay healthy; by switching to artificial grass you could conserve several thousands of gallons of water per year!

Save the Environment

Not only are San Diego artificial grass purchasers saving water and lowering their water bills; they are cutting back on maintenance costs. Artificial grass requires no maintenance; no cutting and no fertilizing.  You’d also be reducing ocean contamination by eliminating harmful fertilizers from your landscape run-off. Essentially all water-runoff inSan Diego ends of in our rivers and eventually our oceans.

Great for Pets

Pet owners and pets love artificial grass. With artificial grass you will have a year-round vibrant green lawn with no more winter dormancy and no brown spots from pet waste.  If you’re worried about pet odors worry no more; there’s an eco-friendly product for that: Zeofill

Whether you are looking to save money, or to just beautify a dull corner of your yard; we can help you. Call us for a free consultation to see if artificial grass is the right option for your San Diego home.

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