Mediterranean Landscape

I took a trip to Spain last spring and I can’t imagine there is a more wonderful time of year for a plant enthusiast from San Diego to travel in Spain than in the midsts of the spring season. The Mediterranean landscapes of Spain were extremely inspiring. I took several photos over the 2 weeks I spent visiting the Eastern and Southern parts of Spain, and although I feel a photo can only capture a fraction of the beauty of landscapes, I hope you are inspired by these shots as much as I am.



We started our trip in Barcelona. Its amazing how being around familiar plants can make you feel like you belong somewhere.

My first few days in the city I would wake up and enjoy a breakfast on the terrace soaking in views of the beautifully decorated courtyard below.

The Bunkers

If you are ever in Barcelona I highly recommend that you visit the Bunkers. This spectacular view point will not disappoint you, even on a cloudy day.

Isabel Solis