Terms & Policies



All plant material has a seven (7) day guarantee for customers with fully funcIoning irrigaIon system. Concrete work has (7) day guarantee. Six (6) month guarantee on labor for all items not covered under manufacture’s warranty. EcoDesignSD will help facilitate all other items in the design which contain manufactures’ warranty.


Customers are prohibited from using and/or keeping tools or materials provided by EcoDesignSD for construcIon and installaIon.


Customer is prohibited from delegaIng any work on site. AddiIonal work or change requests during construcIon must be discussed and approved by owner of EcoDesignSD. A wriRen change order must accompany any alteraIons from the original approved design. Customer will be responsible for addiIonal fees involved in change orders.


All changes to the original plan could increase the cost of the project upon the situaIon. There would be a $65 fee for every change that incur Ime updaIng the esImate, design cost of materials or purchasing. (There is an allowance of 3 minor updates during construcIon determined specifically with each client) Changes should be approved by Owner & Client.


Plants, pebbles, rocks, and ground covers will be updated on-site. Those changes will be reflected on the final cost of the project.


Our crew works from 7am to 3:30pm Monday through Saturday, client should noIfy EcoDesignSD when the job starts any requests of not working a specific day or Ime, to avoid any inconvenience. Last minute cancellaIon of the crew to work would have a cost of $150 per hour.


The EcoDesignSD Team occasionally may bring inspectors, visitors, and/or other clients to view the job site during construcIon. Photos of the final job would be scheduled aaer compleIon. Please noIfy the owner of EcoDesignSD if you have any concerns before construcIon starts.


There would be a 10% interest “delayed payment fee” if an invoice isn’t paid within 30 days.


Please note that the approximate construcIon compleIon date may be affected by bad weather.

Toilet, Trucks, Tools, Equipment & Trailers - EcoDesignSD needs space to park all vehicles and place toilet in order to provide their service and perform the construcIon, client would facilitate any space available to EcoDesignSD during the job period. If for any reason client wants EcoDesignSD to move any of these menIoned items, a fee of $200 per day would be charged to move back and forth Equipment.