EcoDesignSD is a landscape & interior design studio combined with a contracting team. Your best choice in San Diego.

San Diego Landscaping and Design aimed at creating a unique, beautiful, and tolerant landscape for your California home.


EcoDesignSD is a San Diego Landscaping Design and construction firm which aims at creating a unique, beautiful, and drought tolerant landscape for your California home.

Our team is formed by the perfect combination of landscape, hardscape, planting, and interior designers working together as contractors to create the best San Diego Landscaping work. EcoDesignSD finds the right design and implementation for your home with an amazing San Diego landscaping and Interior decorating projects resulting in a space that will be enjoyed for years through any of our unique San Diego micro-climates.

We believe that a good San Diego landscaping job, takes into account the climatic conditions of San Diego, the geographic position of the land, the conditions of the soil, the client’s tastes and needs… this is a challenge that we are 100% involved. We keep in mind that plants grow and how your garden will look in five years since plants have different growing conditions… These are important factors for San Diego. Creating a garden style is about knowing how to use the plants and selecting the right forms and shapes. Along with this, we think about how to transform your external area into a perfect space for interactivity with family and friends.

Just as landscaping design, our Interior team has a goal to transform your space into an environment where you will spend much of your time. Interior design is more than a just a pompous expression for a certain sensitivity and taste in decorating a space. Something like choosing the right fabrics or colors to use. Nowadays there are more and more those who realize the real importance of having a space taken care of by specialists, with a presentation comfortable and pleasant for all.

Call (858) 945-4095 today for an estimate and in-person consultation to determine the right path to developing and implementing your unique and special San Diego Landscape – we know this region well – and our years of expertise will guide you in making the perfect choices for your San Diego landscaping requirements. Contact us to handle your San Diego landscape design and interior design needs.

The fusion of Architecture & Landscape happens when nature and design come together to create a new place tangible and fascinating.